The Passenger: Composed, produced, mixed, & mastered 100% by women.
GRAMMY® Nominated for Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album


The Passenger by Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Created on a cross-country train trip, featuring special performances by GRAMMY® winners Danäe Vlasse,
Lili Haydn, & Sangeeta Kaur,
plus Sherry Finzer and the Billboard-charting Dallas String Quartet.

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Album Track Listing & Credits

All tracks composed, produced, engineered and mixed by Cheryl B. Engelhardt unless otherwise noted.
Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering. 


1. The Beautiful Bridge (featuring Lili Haydn on violin and vocals)

2. The Light That's Left

3. The Chariot (Featuring Dallas String Quartet)

4. The Misty Cosmos

5. The Two Feathers (featuring Sherry Finzer on alto and bass flutes)

6. The Angels' Lullaby (featuring Dallas String Quartet)

7. The Zephyr Remembers (featuring Sangeeta Kaur on vocals)

8. The Message (co-composed with and featuring Danaë Vlasse on piano)

9. The Ambient Love

Sangeeta Kaur
Danaë Vlasse
Sherry Finzer
Dallas String Quartet
Kim Rosen

Praise for
The Passenger


All Aboard!

GRAMMY®-Nominated New Age artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt is the first person to create and complete an album on a cross-USA train. She journeyed from New York to Los Angeles and back via Amtrak earlier this year following the death of her best friend and collaborator Kevin Archambault. 

Discover the deeper meaning behind what it means to go with the flow, trust the journey, release control, and become a master passenger. 

As with all of Cheryl's music, The Passenger is designed to create the foundation for the listener to have an experience... not necessarily the same experience Cheryl had while producing the music, but their own experience of processing, healing, resting, or awakening. 

Stay on track (see what I did there?) with "The Passenger"!

Cheryl hates spam and is NOT packing it on this trip. Which means she won't be sending any to you either. And this is not Hotel California: you can always leave.

Watch the One-Minute Daily Diaries on Instagram:

(The music you'll hear is not from this project but past releases.)

Day 1: Poughkeepsie to Toledo

The Lakeshore Limited (#49) Amtrak departed at 5:55, on time on Saturday 1/22/22.

Watch Day 1.

Day 2:
Chicago to Lincoln

We board the longest leg- The California Zephyr (#5) on time.

Watch Day 2.

Day 3:
Denver to Salt Lake City

This may have been my favorite day on The California Zephyr (#5) so far, despite a 2-hour delay.

Watch Day 3.

Day 4:
Nevada to Sacramento

Last day on The California Zephyr (#5) going from pine trees to palm trees.

Watch Day 4.

Day 5:
Sacramento to
Los Angeles

We spend the last day of the out-bound trip on the Coast Starlight (#11 - also the # of Cheryl's rooms!)

Watch Day 5.

Day 6-9:
Los Angeles to New York

Homeward bound via the Southwest Chief (#4) and then the Lakeshore Limited (#48).

Watch Day 6-9.