The Passenger: The acclaimed New Age / Ambient album composed, produced, mixed, & mastered 100% by WOMEN.


Welcome to The Passenger Album Journey

by cheryl b. engelhardt

Created on a cross-country train trip, featuring special performances
by GRAMMY winners Lili Haydn, Danäe Vlasse, & Sangeeta Kaur,

plus Sherry Finzer and The Dallas String Quartet.

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All Aboard!

Best-selling New Age artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt is the first person to create and complete an album on a cross-country train. She journeyed from New York to Los Angeles and back via Amtrak. 

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As with all of Cheryl's music, the goal is to create something worthy of the Billboard Charts AND a GRAMMY-nomination. Will this be the ticket?

Things to do now that "The Passenger" has arrived!

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(The music you'll hear is not from this project but past releases.)

Day 1: Poughkeepsie to Toledo

The Lakeshore Limited (#49) Amtrak departed at 5:55, on time on Saturday 1/22/22.

Watch Day 1.

Day 2:
Chicago to Lincoln

We board the longest leg- The California Zephyr (#5) on time.

Watch Day 2.

Day 3:
Denver to Salt Lake City

This may have been my favorite day on The California Zephyr (#5) so far, despite a 2-hour delay.

Watch Day 3.

Day 4:
Nevada to Sacramento

Last day on The California Zephyr (#5) going from pine trees to palm trees.

Watch Day 4.

Day 5:
Sacramento to
Los Angeles

We spend the last day of the out-bound trip on the Coast Starlight (#11 - also the # of Cheryl's rooms!)

Watch Day 5.

Day 6-9:
Los Angeles to New York

Homeward bound via the Southwest Chief (#4) and then the Lakeshore Limited (#48).

Watch Day 6-9.
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