The Passenger: Composed, produced, mixed, & mastered 100% by women.
GRAMMY¬ģ Nominated for Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album

"Quantum Equivalent"

Performed by Dallas String Quartet and Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Composed by Cheryl B. Engelhardt

GRAMMY¬ģ-nominated artist and composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt and¬†Billboard-charting¬†Dallas String Quartet team up for an epic classical performance.¬†"Quantum Equivalent" is a¬†piece that embodies the¬†journey of¬†becoming¬†the same frequency of (thus attracting and manifesting) a deep desire.¬†


"[Engelhardt’s] gifts transform an already superb example of classical music, a condensed yet powerful piece, into a dazzling display of what can happen when a world-class singer pairs her skills with a top-flight classical ensemble."

- Vents Magazine

"'Quantum Equivalent' brings together different musical textures, including piano, strings, and voice in a transcendent piece. The urgent string sections are reminiscent of Handel's 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba,' while the sweeping piano transports the listener into a Jane Austen film. An exquisite collaboration."

- Classical Crossover Magazine


"Magic... an unquestionable work of musical art... instant chemistry..."

- The Hollywood Digest

Short videos discussing the creation of
Quantum Equivalent


Quantum Equivalent


The ORIGINAL actual sheet music where Cheryl mapped out the concept and basic melodic ideas of Quantum Equivalent
Recording at Luminous Studios (Dallas, TX) in 2022 with multi-GRAMMY-award winner Tre Negalla.
Cheryl reviewing edits to the score in the studio.
Marquee before performing Quantum Equivalent in Las Vegas, April 2022
Performing Quantum Equivalent in NYC, December 2022
Cheryl on the road with Dallas String Quartet!
Recording singers in Sri Lanka: members of Voices21C, The Muslim Choral Ensemble, and Manado State University Choir (Indonesia)
Dallas String Quartet & Cheryl B. Engelhardt (middle)

A note from the composer:

When Ion Zanca of Dallas String Quartet approached me to compose a piece that showcased their ensemble skills and captured emotions associated with meditation, epic film music, and sweeping classical compositions, it was a perfect match. (And having Ion as the nicest and most talented collaborator didn't hurt.)

Unlike my previous release, The Passenger, crafted during a five-day train trip, this piece, titled "Quantum Equivalent," took about a year and a half.

Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza's theory of manifesting desired futures by aligning frequencies, the composition embodies the process of attuning to a personalized future for each listener.

Refining the arrangement through live performances, we discovered its undeniable special quality when a bustling crowd fell into silence during a GRAMMY¬ģ week event.

The piece is divided into five segments representing phases of manifestation: longing, clarity, inspired action, transcendence, and realization.

The journey of creating "Quantum Equivalent" mirrored my own growth process during a challenging period of grief, redefining relationships, and personal transformation over eighteen months.

Writing and recording this piece became an extraordinary journey, capturing the blend of emotions and excitement that accompanies the realization of a dream. I'm sure you can relate.

The strings and acoustic grand piano were recorded in Dallas. The ethereal vocal was recorded in New York and on a mountaintop in the Alps (more on that later!) and the transcendent choir at the end was recorded in Sri Lanka by 12 members of three choirs: Voices21C, the Muslim Choral Ensemble, and Manado State University Choir from Indonesia. The global contributions point to one common thread: we all have the ability to become the quantum equivalent of our dreams.

xo, Cheryl B. Engelhardt


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